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Krishna Graphics delivers highly accurate and cost-effective solutions for all your technical translation requirements. Technical translation services being a very complicated field requires great care and attention to details so as the translated document is a precise match to the original one.

Even a single mistake can lead to wrong usage of your product or service, sometimes leading to serious negative consequences.

Good technical translation needs excellent command over technical jargons in both languages to create the right terminology for the given field.

That's why we only ever use qualified native translators with sound technical knowledge in your subject. Our technical translators are either qualified professionals from the industry or translators having in-depth experience of handling your subject.

Technical Translation Agency

To ensure that the correct language is used, we will work along with you to build a 'Glossary of Translated Terms' specific to your company or industry.

Our technical translation team also uses translation memory tools to ensure reuse of repeated paragraphs and sections. TM tools helps to increase quality, enhance efficiency and keep the consistency of the translations throughout the project.

We specialize in fields like Information Technology, Engineering, Telecommunication, Power/Energy, and Automotive etc. And handle all kind of technical documents from User Manuals & Instruction Guides to Online Help files.

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