We provide highly skilled native translators. They are experts in various subject areas such as technical, medical, financial etc., hence our translation agency is in perfect position to execute all your translation requirements.

Certified Translation Services

Extremely stringent selection policy

As translators are the most important factor in determining the quality of translations in translation Companies, we follow a very strict selection process that assures that only the best of the lot is added to our database.

Translators need to meet the following criteria before being examined.Translators need to meet the following criteria before being examined.

Native translator i.e should translate only in his/her mother tongue.

- Have translated at least 100000 words.

- Excellent command over source language.

- Expertise and experience in their subject/industry.

-Should have sound knowledge of TM tools

Once added, we regularly keep testing them to check if they are up-to-date with the latest linguistic and cultural developments of the target country they represent.

Translators Checklist

Cultural Sensitivity Prevent any cultural misunderstandings and streamline for target market
Considering Audience Meet characteristics of target audience
Consistent Format Keep format consistent throughout all documents
Grammar Prevent grammatical mistakes
Word Choice Come up with better expressions
Spelling Check for spelling errors
Clarity Make sure intended meaning is conveyed without confusion
Technical Review Technical points checked by the experts
Linguistic Review Dedicated review by native linguistic specialists

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