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Krishna Graphics takes pride in providing its clients with high quality professional Dutch translation solutions at a cost effective price. When you choose Krishna Graphics , you can be absolutely confident of professional, accurate and culturally sensitive translations. The price for professional translations ranges from USD 0.08 to USD 0.10 per source word. Our strength lies in providing language services for:
Dutch mechanical engineering document translation

Dutch Automobile engineering document translation

Dutch Car multimedia document translation

Dutch Power tools document translation.

Besides, we also translate:

Dutch Marketing presentations

Dutch Training material

Dutch Newsletters

Dutch Technical specifications Standards and contracts

Dutch Web pages.

Our translation philosophy

At SE, we believe that translation goes beyond words. We not only translate your words but also your message, your tone, your understated meanings and your designs. This assures that you get a fully localized version for your target market.

Dutch Language Facts

Countries where official: Aruba, Belgium, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles and Suriname.

Countries where spoken: Also spoken in Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname, Aruba, Netherlands, Antilles and France.

Number of speakers

Native - 9,030,000

Others - 21,000,000

Dialects: None

Our Dutch to English translation resources

The experience and expertise of our highly professional Dutch translators underscores our emphasis on precision. All translators specialize in different fields such as legal, financial, technical, medical, automotive, marketing, engineering, computers, telecommunications, and most other fields. We choose the right Dutch translator for each project, with the right language flavor and the appropriate experience in the subject matter of your document. Our rigorous quality assurance system and an intelligent company management allow us to offer you top quality translations and the very best customer service at the best possible price.

We are passionate about delivering quality work and with our fast-turnaround time.

Our Dutch Translators

Our extremely vetted and quality controlled linguists are highly skilled bilingual native translators, specialists in various subject areas such as technical, medical, tourism, financial, e-Learning etc. To know more about our translatorsclick here

Project Managers

Our Project Managers are always on hand to take your calls and answer any queries. Their friendly approach, clear communication, quick decision making abilities and sound domain knowledge makes the whole process very easy and hassle-free for you.

Over 20 years of firm commitment to on-time delivery, high accuracy and competitive prizing has won us clients from various industries around the world including Pfizer, Rediffusion DY&R, TATA, Lowe Lintas and more.click here to check a few of our short-listed clients.

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